Digital Invoicing

Many organisations are still working in a non automated environment. They make manual invoices that costs time and then need to have the space to store them in a manual archive. Non Profit Profs work with an imaging system (Image Capture Scansys)  which converts your manual invoice, or any other manual document,  into a digital form and alleviates your paper mountain.

With the Image Capture System you can convert your manual invoices and documents to a digital form allowing further digital working. This systeem  invoice recognition and automatically works them into the software administration system. You can deliver multiple invoices that are automatically further digitally processed. Extra possibilities exist to split your invoices, to merge multiple invoices and to authorise your invoices automatically.

The Image Capture System can also be activated by way of a web client interface. A tablet with internet access is enough to facilitate this action.

The product is further enhanced by Technical controls, functional updates and back-up facilities.

It is possible from with the Image Capture System to work together with your non Profit Profs accountant that cooperates with the correct processing of your invoices.