Non Profit Profs is an expert in the field of the creation of financial and budgetary controls . We work together with you in order to ascertain which profiles best fit your budgetary needs and duly create this profile for you. The board of the non profit organization needs this information not only to make the right business decisions but also to show clarity to the stakeholders both before and after financial decisions are made.

In the Annual accounts the budgetary information is often used to show comparisons to the expected and actual performance of the organization. This adds to the clarity of the annual accounts and makes it easier to understand for everybody.

It is important for benefactors and subsidy providers to have a good insight into the plans of the non-profit organization and the means open to the organizations to carry out the plans. For the fundraisers inside the organisation it is important to know the objectives and the funding required to meet those objectives. The Budgetary creation and controls are essential to the successful management of an organisation.