Board and Management Reporting

Of all the periodic and annual reporting required of a non-profit organisation it is the reports required by both government and stakeholders that are the most critically demanded. The board of an association or a foundation are held personally responsible for the creation and publication of such reports. The requires reports are not only the annual financial reports and the articles of association but also the more specific reporting required by funding bodies.

It is normal in the smaller non-profit organisations that board members themselves fulfill the task of preparing these reports , whilst in larger organizations the management and other employees will be delegated the task. In both scenarios Non Profit Profs will offer support in the report creation process or if required will themselves create the reports on behalf of the organization.

The periodic publications produced and published for the outside worlds are not the only important documents required. Within a non-profit organisation a precise and punctual reporting system is also important. Here we are talking about management reports which are necessary for the board of a non-profit organization to make the correct business decisions.

The management reporting consists of cash flow forecasts, monthly reporting, budgetary information for investments, and an overview of the responsibilities of personnel and volunteers. Non Profit Profs can offer support or take full responsibility of these reports.